July 2011

SOUTHAMPTON HOUSING AUTHORITY OPENS HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER WAITING LIST The Town of Southampton Housing Authority opened the Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List for income eligible families on July 21, 2011.  The Waiting list for vouchers will remain open.  This program provides the Town of Southampton with federal funds for housing assistance payments to owners on behalf of the renters.  The Town of Southampton Housing Authority complies with equal housing opportunity requirements and will comply with any legislation protecting the individual rights of tenants, applicants, and/or staff that may subsequently be enacted. To receive an application, call 631-702-2419.  Leave your name and address after the beep.  An application will be sent to you within a week – 10 days after we receive your information. CLICK HERE TO READ ANNOUNCEMENT WITH INSTRUCTIONS

SPECIAL MEETING: Thursday, July 7, 2011 2pm

Public hearing to consider the proposed amendments to the existing preferences in the “Comprehensive Administrative Plan for the Housing Choice Voucher Program”     RESOLUTION NO. 2011-     Adopt Amendments to Preferences in Comprehensive Administrative Plan for Housing Choice Voucher Program